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Co-Working Space Dorset
At Crown House coworking hub we offer a range of packages and opportunities to cater for both individuals and small teams. We have a diverse base of members from both established and start-up businesses.

People can’t stay focused on their work in an over-crowded workspace, which is why we never over-subscribe our members. With access to meeting rooms and dedicated breakout areas Crown House offers you a space to get work done.

all Hustle, no Hassle

Co-Working Space Dorset

Working alone, together has become the modern way to work and collaborate. Whether you’re an accountant or a designer, Crown House coworking area is Wimborne’s first dedicated space to give you a permanent base in an ever-changing business landscape.

Crown House benefits from being located just outside of the busy and vibrant town centre of Wimborne, whilst being able to afford the peace and focus that the quietness of the countryside provides.

Where to find us

Co-Working Space Dorset

Crown House Co Working space in Wimborne

6 Wimborne Road, Walford Bridge,
Wimborne, Dorset  BH21 1NN

Tel +44 (0) 1202 888549

contact & tours

Co-Working Space Dorset
Get in touch with us on to find out more about our packaged offerings and arrange your personal guided tour of Wimborne's first coworking space.

Crown House Co Working space in Wimborne

Crown House Coworking Space is a trading name of KIMCO Ltd
Registered at Crown House Walford Bridge, Wimborne Road,
Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1NN
Company No. 03692422    VAT Reg No: GB 750 436 429

Crown House Coworking Space, Crown House,
Walford Bridge, Wimborne Road, Wimborne,
Dorset, BH21 1NN

T +44 (0) 1202 888549

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